BRAVO for you young man!! Be yourself and stick with those who luv you just the way you are!! :->

Breach of Close

A fortnight ago American soccer player Robbie Rogers, a former Leeds United player, came out. In a statement published on his blog, Rogers described his relief at finally being rid of the secret that he had harbored for years and the happiness he felt with his decision:

Life is only complete when your loved ones know you. When they know your true feelings, when they know who and how you love. Life is simple when your secret is gone. Gone is the pain that lurks in the stomach at work, the pain from avoiding questions, and at last the pain from hiding such a deep secret.

He spoke of how football had been his purpose and identity, but an escape as well. “Football hid my secret, gave me more joy than I could have ever imagined.”

And then he said he would no longer be playing. “Now is my time…

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