Gendercide is the real war on women

Contrary to the hype coming out of Washington that the Catholic church is lodging a war against women for not being willing to supply sterilization, abortion related drugs and contraception, there is a real war against women being waged here in the United States by the abortion industry.

This war is happening on baby girls in the womb, just because they are girls. Sex-selection abortions are insidious because they use sex to determine whether a child lives or dies. If mom wants a boy but is carrying a girl, the abortion industry will just eliminate the girl as though she is an inconvenience.

Most Americans are aghast about China’s one child policy that forces mothers to abort a second child. Since a couple may only have one child, families, through the use of ultrasound, often make a determination themselves to abort a child because she is a girl and not a boy. Talk about discrimination.

The abortion industry in the United States has claimed they do not do this sort of thing. Alas, new undercover footage shared by the Live Action group shows employees at Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, willing to perform sex-selection abortions.
I hope Americans will be aghast at what is happening now here in America. Contact your legislators and let them know we want to live in a state and country that does not kill girls because they are girls. The United Kingdom, India and Australia ban sex-selective abortion. In the United States four states, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Illinois and Arizona have laws that prevent this gendercide.

Bea Martins
Fall River

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